John Richardson

John Richardson started karate life back in Slough in 1984 at the Rochfords Shotokan Karate Club where from the age of 16 he trained under Sensei Robert Bertie and Sensei Kawasoe. He was a successful member of the club at both local level and in regional competitions in team kumite and individuals. He gained his 1st and 2nd Dan under the late Sensei Enoeda, 1989 and 1992. He then got married and moved to Belfast where he continued training with Sensei Kawasoe and started his own Club, Avoniel SKC. He gained his 3rd Dan in October 1998, 4th Dan in August 2005 and his 5th Dan in August 2014 under Sensei Kawasoe and Sensei Shiina of the JKA. During all this time John was still having success at local and national level, now representing Northern Ireland, as well as coaching many karateka to national success.
John is a recognised JKA Instructor and Referee and is the chairman of JKA WF Northern Ireland.
John, now 56, says his philosophy on training is simple: ‘Put you gi on, and train. Never stop training. And have respect.

John is Personnel Trainer and a group Fitness Instructor. John also runs a part time gym in Belfast called Bodyvibes.

Harry Young

Harry started training in karate in 1979, he is a recognised JKA instructor and ran the Shotokan Karate Club at Ulster University from 1989 until his early retirement in July 2020. While working and training at the University he trained and studied with visiting martial artists and sampled other styles of Karate, Kung Fu, jiu jitsu and Kobudo (the use of martial art weapons). He still actively trains in Karate and Kobudo. He currently supports and trains with the other clubs in JKA WF Northern Ireland and runs a club in the Bangor Aurora Complex.

His main interest in Karate is the self-defence fighting techniques found in the Bunkai of Kata. Bunkai is the study of the strikes, arm locks, throws and chokes contained in the Kata’s and the self-defence application of the techniques against the Habitual Acts of Violence you would encounter in a physical confrontation.

Qualified boxercise instructor

Niall McCafffrey

Niall began his Shotokan Karate training in 1995 at the University of Ulster. He achieved the grade of 4th Dan with the JKA in 2018. He is also a qualified level two fitness instructor and a fully qualified Self Defence Instructor through the British Self Defence Governing Body.

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